Ahearne Cycles

Build Questions

How long does it take to build a bike?

The actual construction time for a bicycle varies a lot, depending on how intricate the details, and what all the bike is intended for. For a very basic and straight-forward build it may take 3 - 5 work days. For a bike with all polished stainless steel carved lugs and dropouts, or for a touring bike with racks front and rear, custom stem, etc., the build can take as long as 2 - 5 weeks. This does not include time at the powder coater, nor the time required to do the final parts assembly. 

What are your bikes made of, and what kind of tubing do you use?

All my bikes are made of steel. I use a variety of tubes made by True Temper, Columbus and Reynolds. There are a few other tubing manufacturers that offer specific tubes that I sometimes use, but most often I use those listed.  

Vice b & w.JPG

Do you build bicycles with stainless steel tubing?

Yes. I use Reynolds 953, Columbus XCR and I am excited about the new KVA stainless tubing.

What processes do you use to join tubes?  Do you TIG weld?

I use two methods for joining tubes, both of which can be called brazing. I silver braze when building lugged frames, and fillet braze, or brass braze, when building non-lugged frames. I do not TIG weld. If you’re interested, on the internet you can find a lot of good, detailed explanations of what is involved in the process of brazing bicycle frames.

What are your racks made of?

All of my racks are made of straight-gauge chromoly steel. Steel has the best strength-to-weight ratio, and better still, no matter where in the world you might find yourself, if you should happen to break your rack, there is someone who can repair it. Racks don't have to be disposable commodities.  


Cycle Trucks

Is the Cycle Truck compatible with electric assist motors?

Yes, absolutely. The Cycle Truck is an ideal candidate for electric assist. There are a growing number of electric assist motors available. The systems that I am most familiar with are the BionX and the EcoSpeed. Both have their perks and drawbacks, but by and large they are a couple of the best systems available.

How do you ship the Cycle Truck, and how much does it cost?

If you order a frame set only, it ships in a modified cardboard bike box (it's long and low). If you order a complete bike there are two ways we can ship it for the safest passage:

First, and possibly the least expensive, is to have us ship the frame in one box, and the parts in another. We would ship the frame to your local bike shop with a few of the parts assembled (wheels built; pressed in head set; bottom bracket). Your shop would then finish putting the bike together.

Or, the other option is for us to build a crate in which to ship your complete, assembled bike. When the crate arrives to you, all you have to do is mount the front rack, center and tighten the stem, and you're ready to go. The cost of the crate and the shipping is higher than if we send it to you not assembled, but the difference is not substantial, and when it arrives, you're basically ready to ride. 


Flask Holster and Flask

Does the flask come already engraved?

You can order flasks engraved with the Ahearne logo, or you can order flasks and have them Custom Engraved.  

Do you engrave flasks?

Yes. I offer custom flask engraving. The costs are listed on the Flask and Flask Holster ordering page. There are no set up fees, so you can order as many different flasks with as many different logos you can come up with.