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Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster and Flask

Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster & Engraved FlaskSafely and securely carry your favorite beverage. Mounts as standard water-bottle cage on your bicycle, for carrying non-standard liquids. This is how we carry that "other" type of energy drink.

Remember, the Flask Holster is articulated to fit the curvature of the flask, so a flask fits in only one direction. Ahearne Cycles only promotes responsible drinking and safe cycling practices. Have fun, and ride safe!

You can now get your flask Custom Engraved!

Want to know how this works? Read more about it on the Custom Engraved Flask page.

Also, we're now offering flasks in two sizes! We've got the standard 6 oz. flask, and the new, large 8 oz. flask.

6 oz & 8 oz. flasks!

And the great thing is, you can carry either in the Flask Holster! 

 The only difference between the 6 oz. and the 8 oz. flasks, dimensionally speaking, is the height

Each size is available in both Ahearne Engraved Flasks and Custom Engraved



Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster: $30



Custom Engraved 6 oz. Flask: $40

(8 oz. Flask is $45. There's a $5 discount when either Flask is ordered with a Flask Holster)

Custom Engraved Flask: Things you should know



Ahearne Engraved Flask: $30

($5 discount when ordered with a Flask Holster)


We use PayPal for fast and secure payments. For international orders, please contact us for shipping costs.

Please keep in mind that when ordering multiple items the shipping costs will show up in PayPal as compounded. This is not accurate, and your total shipping bill will be adjusted and partially refunded as necessary. 

Ahearne Engraved Flask with Holster

 "Yes, a flask holder. As in, something that carries your private reserve liquor"

"It really says something about the bike industry when someone can leave his or her mark in this business by making a flask holder. Yes, a flask holder. As in, something that carries your private reserve liquor. Surly has made a flask for several years, and one night, Ahearne and his friend Billy Spaceman were trading pints at a local dive bar when they had that "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." moment. They decided to design a flask holster for the popular Surley flask, to be named the Spaceman Flask Holster. Little did they know that this seemingly novel little product would help Ahearne break into the bicycle business."

– Dirt Rag