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Guiseppe's Randonneur


Giuseppe's randonneur includes many of our best elements of bicycle design. The details are numerous.

  • We were going for the classic style lugged bike, using a mid-weight steel for comfort and stability.
  • The geometry allows for a more upright riding position, and the fork, with its longer rake/ lower trail, gives the handling characteristic that desirable feel, especially when carrying weight in the front bag.
  • The rack was built specifically to fit this bag, and so keeps it comfortable and steady, even on bumpy terrain.
  • The rack also has a front light mount on the road side, and the wiring from the front generator hub is routed internally up, and over the wheel to keep it hidden and free from dangling.
  • The lower, curved top tube, or so called "truss" was fitted with hand made gussets at either end. This tube serves the purpose of stabilizing the frame from front to back, which is beneficial with the long top tube, especially when there is weight being carried up front.
  • The front fork has split fork legs, which was made as a prototype. So far, after a couple of rides, I've heard it said that the fork is performing superbly, with its only possible fault being that it is almost too stiff. But the handling, I was told, is very stable when carrying two pounds, or twenty. As a prototype, it so far sounds like it's a success. As an experimental design, especially because it's a fork, it's better to err a bit on the side of stiffness.
  • To balance out the aesthetic of the split fork legs and the double top tube, there are the tried and true double chain stays.
  • The seat stays attach to the seat lug by neatly wrapping around the top, so the two points just meet.
  • The dropouts both front and rear are stainless steel, so there'll never be the potential issues of rust.
  • The pump is tucked securely away behind the non drive seat stay.
  • The stem is a classic 1 inch quill style, and has the shifters mounted within easy reach.
  • The frame finish is a subdued green powder coat, which was intended to help keep what could be considered a very busy frame on the mellow side. The red pin stripes help accentuate the lug work and the contours of the fork legs and chain stays.

From front to back, top to bottom, the intention for this bicycle was function and a balanced aesthetic. It's up to you to decide whether we succeeded. For what it's worth, Giuseppe says it rides like a dream. His only real problem with it is that everywhere he goes people constantly stop him and ask all sorts of questions about the bike. I guess it could be worse.

Giuseppe's Randonneur