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Hello Thailand!

This coming Tuesday the 22nd of February will be the first day of a month-long closure of Ahearne Cycles.

I'll be packing my gear and headed off to Thailand. The quick summary on what you can expect is this:

The shop doors will be closed, so if you were thinking of dropping by for a visit, it'll have to wait until my return.

All online orders (flask holsters & handlebars, etc.) will continue to be shipped on a weekly basis. Which leads me to the next thing;

The phone will be off for the month, service will be suspended.

I will be checking e-mails as regularly as Thailand will allow. I've never been there, but I'm assuming there are plenty of places with internet access. If you send a message and I don't respond immediately, it's because I'm either in the jungle, in the ocean, or I'm between towns -- I'll get back with you as soon as I'm able.

I'm not taking a bike on this trip, but I will be watching out for all things bike related. I am looking forward to checking out the cargo rigs, and seeing what sort of pedal powered vehicles people use. I'll post interesting images as I find them.

I plan to make this something of an educational trip; since Thailand is a new place for me I won't be able to help but learn new things about a unique culture. And then too, I plan to relax. I'm not very good at sitting around in one place for long, but when the sun is high and the beach sand is powdery white; the aqua-colored ocean water is warm as a bath and I'm in the midst of a fat engaging book, I'm pretty good at planting myself for a while. I promise I'll put my book down every now and then, and between reading and a nap I'll think about all you people wrapped up from head to toe and bearing into the cold winter wind -- Yes, I'll think warm thoughts.

I'll be back in the shop on the 25th of March.

Please check back with the website for more news and updates.

Buon viaggo!