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Christmas shopping chaos has begun. It's hard to even go grocery shopping these days, let alone going to the post office, or any of the specialty shops around town. It's kind of a feeding frenzy. Except I like to give gifts. I think we all like to give gifts. And...

...one of the buzz-words that I've heard recently is "Cyber Monday," which I understand to mean a bunch of people back at work after a long Thanksgiving weekend, sitting at their desks, still a little Tryptophan-dazed, ignoring their work and shopping online. 

Flask Holster & Flask

If you're one of these people, and you find yourself surfing here, on my website, you may have noticed that I have a couple of new products. That's right, just in time for the holidays. 

First offering is the all new seat mounted flask holder, dubbed the Mud Flask. This one has been in the R & D phase for at least five years. The Mud Flask securely mounts to the rails of you bicycle saddle and holds your flask up and out of the way. And, if you're one of those people who don't have fenders, the Mud Flask will even serve to displace a little rain and mud. The All New Mud Flask

Next offering is the new, large 8 oz. flask. This larger flask has the exact same dimensional width and thickness as the standard 6 oz. flask, only it's a little taller. This means that the 8 oz. flask will fit the Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster and the Mud Flask seat mounted carrier without any modification. And, you can get your 8 oz. flask with the Ahearne logo, or you can have it Custom Engraved. Flask: 6 oz. vs. 8 oz.

A final notice: For Custom Engraved Flasks, in order to receive your orders in time for Christmas, you must have the order placed and the logo sent to me and approved by December 1. After December 1 I cannot guarantee that you will receive your flask by the holidays. 

For all other orders (handlebars; center stand; engraved flasks with the Ahearne logo; Flask Holder; Mud Flask), the order must be placed by the 7th of December to receive them by Christmas. Any orders after the 7th cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. 

And lastly, I will be out of town from Monday, 17 December, to 7 January. I will be away from the computer, and away from the phone, for most of that time. Any orders placed after 16 December will be filled after I return.

Alright; now get out there and ride your bicycle.