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Why I Love My Cycle Truck

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Here are a couple more reasons why the Cycle Truck is still one of my favorite bikes. Basically because it's so useful.Carrying a frame to Fedex

People I pass always double-take when I've got something large on the front of my Cycle Truck. People often point, and laugh, or nod their heads. I like the head-nodders because I think they're saying to themselves, "That makes sense. I want to do that!"


Cycle Truck and Chop Saw

If I didn't have this bike, I'd have to drive the half mile to the shipping office, or I wouldn't be able to carry my chop saw home to work on the house. I've ridden people on the front, to take them or pick them up from the train. I even had to deliver my shop mate, Chris Igleheart, to the hospital after he was hit by a car. Cycle Truck as gurney. Fortunately, he's back in action now. 

Countless times, countless uses, it's so liberating not to have to drive.


Cycle Truck Wheely

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Evan can ride just about any two wheeled bike on its rear wheel, and I think he can do it indefinitely. This is right in front of the shop. I want to take him out and have him ride around town like this, just to see how long he can keep the front wheel off the ground. That's pretty amazing balance!