Ahearne Cycles


Bradley's Monster Cross Bike


Bradley's bike is a single speed, disc brake, "monster cross" bike. He runs it with a flat bar, and rips it up in Forest Park. Check out the unique seat stay configuration. 

As Bradley puts it, "the bike shreds some serious gnar." 

Ignacio Single Speed 29er

Ignacio's single speed 29er is a beauty. It's got stainless steel lugs with a brushed finish, a five-piece fork, matching lugged stem and all the "enhancements." There are split chain stays and a five-piece seat stay configuration. The single speed 29er has been around for a while, but the beauty of this one is in the details, and in the ride.

Chris Fink 650b Mountain Bike

Wow, check out this beauty! It's a very clean version of the 650b revolution. Chris' bike is fillet brazed with 1X9 gearing, internally routed brake cables, a 5-piece fork (also with internally routed brake cable) with scallop-topped fork legs, double chain stays, crazy 5-piece "St. Johns" style seat stay configuration. It's got a simple, understated paint scheme to tone down all the flashiness in the design. And the best thing is that this bicycle is ready to hit the trails.