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Seattle To Portland 2011

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Seattle To Portland: The ferry from Bremerton, Washington, dropped us off in Seattle Friday afternoon. Fortunately for us, Chris has hospitable friends in various towns in Washington. His friend Ted lives in Seattle, and offered to put us up for the night. Ted would be riding the STP (Seattle To Portland) with us. The ride was scheduled to begin...

Bike Ride: Portland to Seattle

News, Touring, TravelJulie
My friend Chris and I went on our first multi-day bike trip this year. After returning from our overnight trip to Big Eddy campground with Mitch and Jrdn, we rested a day. On Tuesday the 5th of July, Chris and I rode out of Portland on highway 30. We headed north toward Longview, Washington and the bridge across the Columbia River. Highway 30 is busy, with big trucks and cars blasting by