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Spring Projects, 2013

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We’re pushing the tail end of spring, and it’s starting to feel a lot like summer. I've been busy with a lot of unique projects. A lot of bikes with a lot of racks. Meaning big, elaborate racks. Quite a few of them are integrated into the frame, meaning they're brazed on, and are a part of the bike. I love that sort of devotion.  

Double Seat StaysLillian's Mid-tailI’ve just finished another mid-tail that is on its way to the powder coater. The last mid-tail I built was for a very tall man, and this one is for a shorter woman, so the design is similar, but the proportions have changed. This bike is scheduled to go on a year-long world tour

I am most of the way through a crazy commuter with a 24” front wheel and a 28” rear, very similar in design to the bike I built for the Oregon Manifest a couple of years back. It has a basket that bolts to the head tube, and a couple of different places for frame bags to be mounted. It’s one of the coolest and most generally useful bikes that I think I’ve ever built. Maybe I say that only because it’s the one I’m working on right now, which always seems to be my favorite bike. All-round Bad Ass Commuter

Also this spring I made my first attempt at double seat stays, which came out looking bad ass, if I do say so myself. These are on a single speed cross bike with disc brakes that should be coming back from the powder coater in a week or so. 

Another bike I want to mention is a step-through commuter bike with the rear basket integrated into the frame. So many tubes, and it came out to be such a gorgeous bike. I’ll post a full photo run of the finished bike soon. 

 Here are photo highlights from some of the projects I’ve mentioned here. 


Brenner Commuter

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Here we've got a straight-forward lugged commuter.

Brenner Commuter

It's a classy bike for a classy lady. Nothing brightens a gray winter sky better than a warm paint job. This bike has racks and enough carrying capacity to go on tours, and it has all the standard equipment for riding year round here in the northwest. I think the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.



Klingler's Light Touring Bike

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Check out Bill's new light touring/ commuter bike. It's got everything he needs to take himself and his stuff on the road. 

A quick run-down of features: lugged frame with double chain stays and chain stay mounted disc brake tab; plenty of clearance for 35c tires and fenders; two-level rear touring rack; front rack with integrated light mount and internal wiring, and with detachable low rider racks; pump and three water bottle mounts, and a flask holster mount on the under side of the top tube; and the whole thing is built up with some very nice parts. 

Bill picked it up this past Saturday. He came to the shop with his girlfriend, and she already seemed reconciled to the fact that she'd probably be sharing the bed with Bill and his new bike that night.

Bill Klingler's Light Touring BikeFlickr Slideshow


Magu Commuter

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This is a very special bicycle, for sure. It's a serious commuter for year-round riding, and it's packed full of style. The bike runs 650b wheels, and accommodates tires on the wide side for any road conditions. It's got an integrated rear touring rack, brazed to the frame, and a detachable upper basket. There are all the requirements for serious commuting, including secure pannier mounts, an integrated front light powered by a generator hub. The light is wired internally down the fender support. The rear light is mounted to the fender, has a solar charged battery, and is motion sensitive. There's an integrated chain guard and kick stand, a pump tucked behind the seat tube, wide fenders, disc brakes, and, of course, a brass bell. This bike was entered in the 2009 Oregon Manifest race, and was ridden by Natalie Ramsland of Sweet Pea Bicycles. She finished the race with flying colors (all 77 miles in Sidi's and a skirt!), and the bike placed 4th overall by the judges. Not a bad showing.

Adam Marx Porteur

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Adam's commuter was inspired by the style of old French porteur bicycles. The front rack was built to carry a 50+ pound load, and on the road side has a bright halogen light that is powered by the front generator hub. The light wiring runs internally through the rack. This bicycle also boasts a single stem mounted shifter and a 1 X 9 gearing -- very simple, clean and perfect for city riding. Adam's bicycle is very utilitarian, uncomplicated, and has a distinctive classic feel.