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World Touring Bike

TouringJoseph Ahearne2 Comments

This bike is very custom, and is ready for anything. The list of features includes: 26" wheels, Rohloff 14 speed internally geared rear hub, Gates Carbon belt drive, Paul "Klamper" disc brakes, Supernova lights powered by a Schmidt front generator hub, internal wiring throughout. On top of the stem is the Supernova "Plug" which is a USB port to charge small devices from the power of the front hub. The bike has S&S couplers so it can be broken down for easier transport on airplanes etc. The racks are custom, steel, made in house. The fenders have very nice and understated striping, and the offset color of the racks is a quiet nod to the custom aesthetic. Keefer's bike is ready to hit the road for the long haul. 

There are a lot more detailed photos on flickr, including some photos of the process if you're interested. 


Kare Touring

Kare's touring bicycle is built first and foremost as a comfortable, stable, solid touring machine. Utilizing lugs and oversized tubing, this bicycle has an elegant, "classic" feel, and compromises nothing in the way of stability for a larger rider, especially when the bike is fully loaded for travel. There are S&S couplers so the bike can be packed to travel anywhere, and even the front rack breaks down so there's less risk in damage while in transit. It's got disc brakes, a front generator hub and a stem mounted light.

Travel Commuter

City BikeJoseph
The bicycle was built as an around-town, city style bicycle. It's upright and comfortable, quick handling, even with weight in the bag. It's a fillet brazed frame, has a 5-piece fork and double chain stays to complement the style. The frame was painted to be somewhat understated and has subtle box-lining. There's an S & S coupler on the down tube and a breakaway style seat tube joint, which means you can separate the front and back halves of the bike and fit it all in a 26" x 26" travel case. The front rack breaks down as well, and it all fits in the case. This is one of the coolest bikes to come out of the shop in a while.