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Brenner Commuter

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Here we've got a straight-forward lugged commuter.

Brenner Commuter

It's a classy bike for a classy lady. Nothing brightens a gray winter sky better than a warm paint job. This bike has racks and enough carrying capacity to go on tours, and it has all the standard equipment for riding year round here in the northwest. I think the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.



Michael A 650b Randonneur

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Michael A 650b Randonneur

Here's a classy lugged 650b randonneur. It's got all the basic requirements -- comfortable geometry with a low trail and stable handling with or without weight in the front handlebar bag; it's got a front generator hub and bright front light wired through the rack; the bike has plenty of tire clearance for fatter tires, and long Honjo fenders with mud flaps to keep the road spray off. There's a light duty rear rack that can accommodate small panniers for those short bike camping trips. The drive train is Campagnolo, and everything works like a dream. This is a bike that begs to go out for some seriously long rides, and is meant to be comfortable the whole way, no matter the road conditions. I'm envious of Michael, especially since this one is just about my size.


Klingler's Light Touring Bike

City Bike, TouringJulie

Check out Bill's new light touring/ commuter bike. It's got everything he needs to take himself and his stuff on the road. 

A quick run-down of features: lugged frame with double chain stays and chain stay mounted disc brake tab; plenty of clearance for 35c tires and fenders; two-level rear touring rack; front rack with integrated light mount and internal wiring, and with detachable low rider racks; pump and three water bottle mounts, and a flask holster mount on the under side of the top tube; and the whole thing is built up with some very nice parts. 

Bill picked it up this past Saturday. He came to the shop with his girlfriend, and she already seemed reconciled to the fact that she'd probably be sharing the bed with Bill and his new bike that night.

Bill Klingler's Light Touring BikeFlickr Slideshow


Guiseppe's Randonneur

Giuseppe's randonneur includes many of our best elements of bicycle design. The details are numerous. We were going for the classic style lugged bike, using a mid-weight steel for comfort and stability. The geometry allows for a more upright riding position, and the fork, with its longer rake/ lower trail, gives the handling characteristic that desirable feel, especially when carrying weight in the front bag. The rack was built specifically to fit this bag, and so keeps it comfortable and steady, even on bumpy terrain. The rack also has a front light mount on the road side, and the wiring from the front generator hub is routed...

Bill Alsup's Randonneur

RandonneurJoseph2 Comments
Bill's bike is a very stylish randonneur with a lot of subtle features. It has all the requirements for long hours in the saddle, which is a good thing, because Bill will be riding it in the 2011 Paris-Brest-Paris. This bike, which Bill has named "Clara," uses a custom blend of True Temper tubing. The front and rear racks are minimal and to the point. Both front and rear lights are run off the generator front hub. The bike has...