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Positive Messages

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New Directive -- Calm Yourself

No Big Deal

Someone hacked a construction sign on N. Vancouver Way this past weekend and changed the directive. I was heading toward the shop when I saw it. As big as it was I wasn’t really paying attention and didn't see it right away. It alternated between messages: “Calm Yourself” & “No Big Deal.” When I finally realized what it was saying I laughed. The trailer holding the sign was nearly in the bike lane, and the message itself was so large. Simple imperatives; positive messages. I wonder how many people went right past without even noticing? In that case would it be considered a subliminal message, if it never made it into the person's consciousness?

Maybe the city should try putting more signs like this around town, flashing simple positive statements, especially during rush hour & around busy intersections. If only there were a way to measure the impact, see how it affected people. Maybe place a hidden video camera to see if people smile and laugh or shake their heads and scowl. Or if they just keep on staring wall-eyed at the tail lights in front of them. 

We could use more street art here in Portland. Stuff to make people laugh, or make them think. Or both. There are enough creative people around…