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Magu Commuter

City BikeJoseph
This is a very special bicycle, for sure. It's a serious commuter for year-round riding, and it's packed full of style. The bike runs 650b wheels, and accommodates tires on the wide side for any road conditions. It's got an integrated rear touring rack, brazed to the frame, and a detachable upper basket. There are all the requirements for serious commuting, including secure pannier mounts, an integrated front light powered by a generator hub. The light is wired internally down the fender support. The rear light is mounted to the fender, has a solar charged battery, and is motion sensitive. There's an integrated chain guard and kick stand, a pump tucked behind the seat tube, wide fenders, disc brakes, and, of course, a brass bell. This bike was entered in the 2009 Oregon Manifest race, and was ridden by Natalie Ramsland of Sweet Pea Bicycles. She finished the race with flying colors (all 77 miles in Sidi's and a skirt!), and the bike placed 4th overall by the judges. Not a bad showing.