Ahearne Cycles

Pricing and Options

As of Autumn, 2019, we are accepting orders for custom bicycles. The current wait time for a bicycle is about 16 - 18 months. Please contact us if you have questions and for further details.   

All prices are based on material costs and labor involved, as well as invisible costs such as shop rent and utilities. Light weight tubing, or stainless steel lugs and tubes are available for an up-charge. None of the listed prices are set in stone, but you can get a good approximation of what is involved for a frame, fork, stem and racks from the listed prices.

Paint or powder coat is separate, and usually starts at about $500 and goes from there. Parts costs vary widely depending on choices, but for a complete parts package it’s common to spend about $3500 - 4000 for everything, including wheels, generator hub, handlebar, brakes, etc., and can go up or down from there depending on the quality and where each part is manufactured.

Pinion compatible frames are available. Please contact us with questions.

We’ll work together to decide exactly what you want, what will work best for the bike, and based on this we’ll give you a solid estimate. 

Fillet Brazed Frames

Base price. Steel tubing, options available.
Fork and paint not included.

Lugged Frames

Base price. Steel tubing, options available. 
Fork and paint not included.

Custom Racks: Usual starting price about $450 (varies based on intricacy, time and materials)


Custom Forks
$500 & up


Frame Finish

The cost of each frame finish is unique, and is determined bike by bike. We’ll get into more detail about the cost to finish your bicycle as we know more about what you’d like. Liquid paint and powder coating options are both available, depending on what you desire for your bike.

We are big proponents of powder coating bicycles for several reasons. Mainly, because it’s more durable than liquid paint, and it’s environmentally sound -- there are no toxic fumes involved, and there’s no waste to dispose of; whatever doesn’t attach itself to the bicycle frame can be swept up and re-used.

The main thing in favor of a liquid paint job is that it looks wet even when dry, it can be applied very thin, and the color options are nearly infinite. We live in Portland, Oregon where the rain is prevalent enough to keep our bikes looking wet most of the year, even with a powder finish. Thin paint is less durable, unless you get into the highly toxic automotive paints. And besides, choosing between an infinite color selection with liquid paint, and the environmentally friendly powder coat, we choose to be responsible. These are, after all, bicycles.

For more detailed information about powder coating, including the process and the pros vs. cons, please check out the Wikipedia entry on Powder Coating.

Components Groups

We offer partial and complete build kits for bicycles. Pricing and quality varies widely. If you’re not sure what parts will work best for you, we’d be happy to help. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


When you're ready to go forward and get on the list for a custom bicycle, we'll have a conversation about what, generally, you'd like. We'll discuss the time line, the target date of completion, and a rough estimate of costs. We'll take a deposit of $750 to make it official. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once you're on the list, all you have to do is wait. You'll get an e-mail, usually within about three months of the finish date, and we'll start dialing in specifics for fit, frame design, components and color. If you're near Portland at the time of the build, you are more than welcome to stop by the shop to see the progress. When the frame is built, powder coated and assembled with parts, you'll receive the final bill. Full payment is required before the bike leaves the shop. If we're shipping the bike to you, we'll discuss the options. For international orders, there's always the possibility for personal delivery of your bike. It'll then be time to enjoy your new Ahearne. 

Frame Options

If you have any questions or ideas, we can discuss them.