Ahearne Cycles

The Ahearne Cycle Truck is a sturdy, well-handling bicycle that will safely and easily carry your gear.


Call it a medium duty cargo bike, or a heavy duty commuter — the labels don't matter. What is important is that the Cycle Truck is a hauler, and more than that, it handles with the simple ease and responsiveness of a thoughtfully built traditional bicycle.


Frameset $2750

Frame, fork and rack only, so you can build up your Cycle Truck in your own way. Includes a single color powder coat. 

Complete Bike

We offer a wide range of options for complete builds -- price depends on parts.


  • The front rack is fixed to the frame for stable portage.

  • It handles like a traditional bicycle.

  • Solid, intuitive steering with or without a front load.

  • Customize the front rack to carry what you need.

  • Has a comfortable and upright riding position.

  • Fits through doorways; easily carried up stairs.

  • Has all the features for serious year-round riding.

  • Your choice of internal or external gearing.

  • Excellent for commuting.

  • Carry up to five full bags of groceries!

  • A useful bike that is really fun to ride.

  • Designed and built in Oregon, USA


  • Small - Top tube 57 cm (about 22 1/2"), stand over height

  • Medium - Top tube 60 cm (about 23 1/2"), stand over height 76 cm (about 30")

  • Large - Top tube 64 cm (about 25"), stand over height 82.5 cm (about 32.5")


  • British Racing Green

  • Light Blue

  • Dark Brown

  • Dark Candy Red

  • Nutmeg Brown

  • Light Candy Red

  • Pewter

  • Gloss Black

  • Metallic Grass Green

  • Metallic Black

  • Tan