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Pinion Step-through (SOLD)

Bicycle For SaleBrian Behrens2 Comments

Check out this beauty. It is one of a kind, without question.

I love curves, the flow of lines, the statement of the frame and how it balances with the parts. Big tires are “in” right now, and that’s because people are less concerned with speed, and more wanting to enjoy the ride. For comfort and for versatility, this bike can’t be matched. Hit the forest roads and go by gravel, then ride through town, get your groceries, or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, put a rear rack on there (yes, there are mounts) and head out on a backwoods multi-day tour.

This is a great bike for year-round riding; Leaves, snow, rain, gravel, darkness, no problem. I kept the light wiring in the frame and out of the fenders so in the summer you could remove the fenders and pare down your ride, install knobby tires if you want — there is plenty of clearance for 27.5” x 3.25” tires. 

The Pinion gearbox is worry free and mostly maintenance free, and Gates belts are known to last upwards of 25K miles, so you ought to be able to go a few years before needing to replace anything on this bike but tires and brake pads.

I built it for the 2019 NAHBS, as a display bike for a few of my favorite component manufacturers. As a show bike I did not hold back. No specific requests meant I had no limits, and I wanted to make something that would be visually attractive, and function the way I expect a bicycle should. I feel like this one succeeded in every way.

There are a lot of hidden and understated details, all the way down to the minimal branding, which is something I love most in a bike — subtle features that you wouldn’t even know to look for, but when you see them they’re like little surprise packages, there to make the bike better, bolder, more functional. And ultimately to make you happy.

This bike has a few “firsts.” Here they are:

  1. First time using this prototype Pinion mount. Customized design made to shorten chain stays as much as possible and to leave clearance for fatter tires. This is the first bike with this mount, and as a prototype it was a success. The same mount is currently in production.

  2. Pre-production shifters by Cinq5 are an excellent alternative to the twist shifter, which at this point is the only other option for shifting the Pinion Gearbox. I’m not a big fan of twist shift, and I’ve been waiting for these paddle shifters for almost three years. They won’t be “officially” available until later this year. The company who made these is German, and there are not too many of these shifters yet in the USA. For shifting, this bike is way ahead of the curve.

  3. Fenders: I ordered these from Honjo more than two years ago, knowing that I wanted to make a bike around their super width (80 mm!). These fenders finally landed in the USA in January of this year (2019). This is the first set I’ve installed on a bike. And, I had them anodized, so at this point, they are the first of their kind in the states.

  4. Ahearne/MAP handlebar with the 31.8 mm clamp is new as of February this year. It’s the same great design, now with the “oversize” clamp option. This is the first set I’ve used on a bike. 

  5. Modified Wald basket. This is the first time I’ve cut one down in this way. I feel like it’s a more practical height. It’s cool, but I may never do this again, because it’s kind of ridiculous how much time I spent on it. But when you think about it, it makes so much sense. It’s still plenty tall to hold whatever you need to carry, and with a bag or a bungee net, nothing will escape you.

  6. Unique paint scheme and minimal branding on the bike. This isn’t my usual style, but I like it!

Geometry Specs:

  • Effective top tube length: 62 cm (It feels shorter because of the frame angles & swept-back handlebar)

  • Effective Seat tube length: 62 cm 

  • Actual Seat tube length: 55.5 cm

  • Standover: ~760 mm (top tube has a lot of slope, so this number is somewhat arbitrary) 

  • Head angle: 72 degrees

  • Seat angle: 73 degrees

  • Wheel base: ~1150

  • Wheel size: 27.5”

  • Tire size: 2.8” (shown — there is clearance for up to 3.25” tires without fenders)


  • Fork: Reynold’s 853 heat treated, pre-bent fork legs, and 853 1 1/8” straight steerer.

  • Main tubes are a mix of Columbus, mostly Zona. 

This bike is $8000 complete and ready to ride.

If you’re looking for a new ride and don’t want to wait through the lead times, this bike could be for you. Please email me at info (at) ahearnecycles (dot) com and let’s talk about it.

I think this bike is going to make someone very happy, for a lot of years of riding.

Cycle Truck (SOLD)

SoldJoseph AhearneComment

Large Size, Frame Measurements:

Seat tube: 20"

Top tube: 24.5"

Stand over: 31.5"

Price: $1700 (price reduced! A fantastic deal!)

This is a used bike, still in great condition. But, it is used, so parts are worn, and the paint is not perfect. This is your chance to get a great deal on an awesome commuter/ hauler. Price includes all the parts on the bike, which are listed below. 

Parts List:

Parts list
Handlebar, NittoPromenade, B603AA
Stem, Dimension, 25.4 x 125 rise
Riser Stem, EZ Up, Adjustable 7 cm rise
Brake Levers, Shimano, Acera BL-M421
Shifter(s), Shimano, Alfine Rapid Fire
Grips, Portland Design Works, Dapper Dan Ergo Grips
Headset, FSA, Orbit Z, Internal 1.5"
Brake - Fr./Rr., Avid, BB7; x 2
Rotors, Shimano, Center lock, X 2
Basket, Wald, 157 Giant Delivery
Saddle, Brooks, B67 Black (not the other one shown in one of the pics)
Crank Set, Shimano, Deore FC-M590, 175 mm
Eccentric BB, Co Motion, Proprietary
Pedals, Odyssey, Twisted
Front Belt Wheel, Gates, Carbon Drive 46T
Rear Cog, Gates, Carbon Drive 24T,
Belt, Gates, Carbon Drive 118T
Internal Hub Parts, Shimano, Alfine small parts kit
Hub-Front, Shimano, Alfine Dynamo, DH-S501
Hub-Rear, Shimano, Alfine 8 spd. Internal
Rim-Front, Sun, Rhynolite 20" 36 hole
Rim-Rear, Sun, Rhynolite 26" 36 hole
Spokes, DT, Champion 14G. X 72
Tire-Front, Schwalbe, Big Apple 20 x 2.1"
Tire-Rear, Schwalbe, Big Apple 26 x 2.1"
Front Tube, Q-Tubes, 20X1.5-2.1 (sv)
Rear Tube, Q-Tubes, 26X1.5-2.1 (sv)
Rim Tape, Velox, Cloth X 2
Bell, Crane, Brass
Fenders, J & B, 20" front, 26" rear, black
Rear Rack, Surly, Nice Rack!
Front Light, Light On!, Dual LED
Rear Light, Portland Design Works, Fender Bot
Frame Lock, ASA, Defender
Center Stand, Ursus, Extra Wide

Outback 650b Off Road Touring (SOLD)

SoldJoseph Ahearne4 Comments

For sale: 

Outback Touring Bike, lugged steel, 650b wheels

Sold as a complete bike ready to ride: $5870 (parts list below), or...

...or, sold as a frame, fork, front & rear racks, fenders & lights (internally wired), head set, custom frame bag (not shown here): $4390

The Oregon Outback was the testing ground for this bike. As a prototype it was ridden with a rattle-can clear coat to give basic rust protection, so that additions and modifications would be possible. After going the distance and tweaking the design, we have here the finished product. Just back from the powder coater, this is a fresh finish on a bike that has gone the distance, seen the dirt, passed the test and now it's time to give it a home. First the specs, then the details.

Top tube length: 57.5 cm (effective length), diameter 28.6 mm, 7 degree slope

Seat tube: 60 cm (effective), 53.5 cm (actual), 73 degrees, diameter 28.6 mm

Head tube length: 220 mm (includes 25 mm extension), 71 degrees, 31.8 mm diameter

Bottom bracket drop: 65 mm

Chain stay length: 450 mm

Rear axle spacing: 135 mm

Fork length: 390 mm, rake 60 mm, trail 48 mm

Parts List:

This bike has fewer than 1000 miles on it, and the parts on it have been used at least that much. Some parts are brand new since the bike was powder coated, and some were used before being put on the bike. Either case will be noted. All the parts are in excellent working order, and have many miles and years of life remaining in them. 

Wheels: Velocity Dyad rims, Schmidt SON20 front generator hub, Paul Components rear hub (no longer made), DT Swiss spokes, hand laced, Continental X-King tires, 27.5 x 2.4" 

Drive Train: Race Face cranks anodized red (awesome!) (older, used, square taper still in great condition), Race Face chain rings (fewer than 1000 miles) 44/32/20 T; Shimano XT triple front derailleur for 28.6 seat post (new-old stock), Shimano XT rear derailleur, long cage, XT 9 spd. cassette 11/34T, Shimano HG chain; Shimano UN55 bottom bracket

Brakes: TRP HY/RD hydraulic calipers, cable actuated (awesome function for road levers)

Retroshift brake lever & shifter combination, Microshift front shifter, Shimano 9 spd. indexed rear shifter

Honjo H95 super wide and flat fenders, specially ordered and brought into the USA for the Outback 650b bikes (brand new, with new light wiring)

Paul Components "Tall n' Handsome" seat post, black, 27.2 mm

Front light: Busch & Muller Luxos IQ2 light with handlebar mounted switch (on/off and high/low beam) with USB port for charging devices off hub

Rear Light: B & M Secula Plus, fender mounted, wired internally through the frame & fenders

Chris King "two-nut" head set, anodized red (brand new)

Nitto Technomic stem, 100 mm quill style

Nitto Noodle handlebar, 44 cm wide

Pedals & Saddle not included in sale

Thoughts and Ideas:

This bicycle is the culmination of many years of building touring bikes, trying them out, refining the ideas, re-building them, and again and so forth. I've experimented with weight distribution, wheel and tire size, geometry, particularly the front end geometry, looking for that balance and sweet spot between handling and load bearing. There are merits to many different styles, and in the end I believe that personal preference is the final decider. That's why there is not one, final, end-all style touring bike that everyone emulates. We all tour with different stuff and want to go to different places, covering all sorts of terrain.

The Outback 650b is my most recent revision of the touring genre, and I like it on most every level. It's built to go just about anywhere, it climbs well, feels good on the long flat stretches, handles well through corners, both loaded and without. The riding position is comfortable for many hours of saddle time. I like the way the weight is carried and how it feels when loaded. And, for me it's also important to have a bike that will serve me on a day-to-day basis for year-round commuting, which this bike does. Also, the aesthetic, with the simplicity of Henry James lugs, the threaded steerer and quill stem, the standard oversize tubing and the fat tires -- it reminds me of early mountain bikes, but with top quality parts for functionality and durability. I feel like this bike strikes a great balance between aesthetic and function. It's going to serve someone well for a lifetime.

Please send all inquiries to info(at)ahearnecycles.com 






Green Gravel Grinder (SOLD)

SoldJoseph AhearneComment

Green Gravel Grinder, Lugged Steel, 700c wheels

Frame, Fork, Steering Lock, Front Rack, Chris King Head Set, Pump: $4135 (or make an offer)

This multi-use bicycle is going to make someone very happy. The frame uses classic diameter tubes and Henry James lugs, Campagnolo 1010a rear dropouts (long front-opening horizontal dropouts good for single speed, internally geared hubs or traditional external drive train). It has a split plate fork crown, steering lock, kickstand plate, and routing for internal light wiring through the frame. The front rack is a low-rail basket style, has DiBond base plates (light, durable, weatherproof), and has a front light mount and routing for internal wiring through the rack struts. The bike is meant for 700c wheels and with fenders can easily fit 45c tires. Without fenders there is clearance for 2.0" knobby tires. The steering lock on the head tube will keep the rack from flopping to the side when parked, and the kickstand plate, well, you know what that's for. The powder coat is dark green and the panel is a lightly metallic off white. You can see the metallic orange highlights in the logo, the space in the fork crown, and in the windows in the bottom bracket and the seat stay bridge supports. This bike has a longer top tube and was intended to run the Ahearne/MAP swept back handlebar. The bike was intended for cantilever or linear pull brakes, and the pump is situated between the twin top tubes. The reason for two top tubes is to help stabilize the length of the bike from front to back using traditional 1" diameter tubes, and having a rack up front that's meant to haul up to about 30 pounds. If you have that much weight on the front of the bike you'll be happy to have the added strength and stability for the quality and handling of the ride.  

The bike comes with everything mentioned above, including the Chris King head set. We'd be happy to help you choose parts and to assemble the bike for you if you'd like. Please send all inquiries to info(at)ahearnecycles.com.

Bike specifications as follows:

Top Tube: length 615 mm, diameter 25.4 mm (both top tubes), horizontal -- no slope

Seat Tube: 590 mm, angle 73 degrees, diameter 28.6 mm

Head Tube: length 176 mm (includes 25 mm extension), angle 73 degrees, diameter 31.8 mm

Bottom Bracket Drop: 75 mm

Chain Stay: length 450 mm

Rear Axle Spacing: 130 mm

Fork: length 410 mm axle to crown, rake 65 mm, trail 44 mm

Price: $4135


650b Light Touring Bike (SOLD)

SoldJoseph AhearneComment

650b Light Touring Bike, lugged steel

Frame, Fork & Pump: $3165 (or make an offer)

This is a gorgeous 650b Light Touring/ Rando Bike. It boasts Henry James lugs which have been nicely thinned, Columbus tubing, and has clearance for 650 X 42 (about 1.7") tires and fenders. Without fenders the bike will easily hold a 1.9" tire. There are openings to route generator light wiring internally through the frame. The pump mounts to the inside of the non-drive seat stay. The powder coat is Slate Gray, and has Ivory White panels on the down and seat tubes. It's a very classy and understated frame meant to be comfortable on longer outings, and is meant to go where the roads are not always smooth. 

This frame is brand new and has never been built up with components. We would be happy to work with you to choose parts and to assemble the bike. Send inquiries to info(at)ahearnecycles.com

All specs to follow:

TT length: 54 cm, horizontal, 28.6 mm diameter

ST length: 56 cm, 73 degrees, 28.6 mm diameter, fits a 27.2 mm seat post

Head Tube Angle: 73 degrees, length: 165 mm (including 20 mm extension), 31.8 mm diameter

BB drop: 65 mm

CS length: 420 mm

Fork length: 385 mm axle to crown, rake: 60 mm, trail: 41 mm

Down tube diameter: 31.8 mm

Rear axle spacing: 130 mm

3 sets of water bottle bosses